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If you are looking for couples rehab with a great experience when it comes to treating alcohol, drug abuse, you have found us. California Couples Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers have treated efficiently addicts and provided the chance for them to straighten and reshape their lives. When you choose us, you will only work with the team of highly trained professionals wanting you to succeed from your drug addiction recovery.


Drug addiction or alcohol addiction can affect the personal and work life of the abuser aside from the significant impact of it on the health. The vicious circle from addiction starts when the person is used to drugs. Unfortunately, quitting drug addiction is difficult and impossible to do on your own.


California Couples Addiction Treatment Programs


Couples addiction treatment in California offers one of the most extensive and best addiction treatment programs in the country. However, our drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs still depends on the determination of the clients to recover.  We understand that you want to become drug-free and we can only support you since we can’t execute the job for you to succeed.


There are systematically planned activities needed when it comes to addiction recovery. It is not a one-step process only. Depending on the condition of the patient, the treatment will be applied accordingly. The rehab offers two types of programs. These are the in-patient and out-patient programs. The in-patient or also known as residential treatment requires the patient to stay at San Antonio addiction treatment center during recovery. The in-patient program from the addiction treatment in Orange County, California follows an outpatient program to make sure that the patient can live life sober.


There are several programs offered by our Couples Addiction Treatment Centers In California. These are extended care centers, a support group for couples addictions and sober or recovery houses. Sober houses are created for the patient to help them to reintegrate with society while still being monitored by the rehab center. Support is also provided for them.


There are several services available some of them are:


  • Various forms of addiction treatment methods
  • Drug addiction
  • Substance abuse treatments
  • Addiction recovery
  • Alcoholism treatment
  • How Addiction Treatment Works


California Couples Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment rehabilitation is done by obtaining the help from the insurance provider, professional employee assistance, representatives of the union and privately referred patients to make the services or treatments truly world class in quality. Treatment normally starts by educating the patient about the effects of addictions for them. Afterward, counseling is offered to help them the battle to overcome their addiction issue. Counseling can be done in two ways, which is groups or one-on-one. The groups usually include the family members, neighbors or friends.


California Couples Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers offer treatment programs like Lifetime Aftercare and family support as well as sober living environment program.

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