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The main aim of Couples Rehab is to address and fix the damages caused to couples suffering from the symptoms of any substance abuse addiction. The most common thing to deal with comes to be impaired functioning of the body and mind. For this, it is very important to understand the structure and content of the ongoing couples recovery program being pursued by the victim. The addiction counseling model is an approach with a very limited time to focus on the change in the behavior of the affected. For realizing this purpose, a 12-step ideology and various other recovery tools, along with self-help participation, are the major requisites.


The main objective behind realizing successful addiction counseling is to assist the patient to achieve and maintain self- denial from the chemicals, objects or other things and behaviors that are addictive. The secondary intent of addiction counseling is to aid the victim to recuperate from the damages caused by the addiction to his or her quality and style of living.


The various models and programs of addiction counseling consider the victim as the agent of change. It is the addict who must be responsible for the successful working out of the program of recovery. But, although ultimately the recovery is the task of the patient, yet he or she needs encouragement and a great deal of support from his friends, family, counselors, doctors, and other elements of the society. People, more than medicines, play a very crucial role in this phase of treatment.

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Couples Rehab Centers

Seeking detox treatment together at a rehab for couples can be very beneficial for obvious reasons when the couple is committed to each other and want to become sober together. We offer our assistance free of charge to assist you in finding a couples rehab. If you or your loved one needs a path to recovery call us day or night at (888) 325-2454.

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Providing Couples Options To The Road Of Recovery


It is important to remember that detox can be very dangerous if not properly monitored by a medical professional. Our goal is to find you a couples drug rehab that provides the safest and comfortable environment as possible during your drug or alcohol detoxification process.



Rehab For Couples



Our partner treatment centers specialize in adult couples rehabilitation. They offer professional detox by licensed medical professionals in the treatment center directly.

Inpatient Rehab


This type of couples inpatient rehab is categorized as being the intermediate care level. The couples treatment program can be short or long term depending on our client’s needs.

Behavioral Therapy


Our treatment partners offer couples substance abuse programs that are designed for couples in which both people are fighting addiction, or when one of the partners are coping with sober living.

Sober Living


Sober living is where the couple would live at a facility after inpatient rehabilitation. We partner with hundreds of sober living facilities that accept couples.

Couples Drug Rehab

Couples Drug abuse is becoming a major issue around the world, and now it is necessary to find an adequate solution for this to get a healthy nation. However, many of the health organizations and NGOs are working together to find couples drug addiction recovery or drug rehabilitation among couples.


Couples Drug addiction recovery adjoins many processes together like the methods of medicinal and psychotherapeutic treatment, understanding the effects of the prescribed drugs, some drugs like the heroin or cocaine, alcohol or tobacco, etc. The objective also includes many of the physical, special, legal, financial, psychological reasons that can lead a patient to have a constant intake of drugs.


The medicines that are mainly prescribed by a doctor for drug rehabilitation are Methadone and buprenorphine. But these medicines can be taken by after consulting a good physician. In the year 2000, the Drug Addiction Treatment Act (DATA) was passed by the Government, which permitted qualified doctors to give medications for narcotic addiction. There are also many of the behavioral treatments like for example the Multidimensional Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Incentives therapy. These methods threat a drug abused person through friends, family members and influencing the positive thoughts in the patient.


Recently, the ” Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)”, the US departments of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and the Mental Health Services Administration have announced that September 2010 will be the 21st annual Recovery month for the patients those are suffering from any drug abuse. In this process, the organizations will provide education and knowledge to the people who are suffering from drug abuse about the actual reason, issue, and treatments of the sickness, says a report.


Some of the many Drug rehab treatments are a residential treatment or support groups, in this system an individual who is suffering from the addiction gets a home-like care and food and support for 24 hours. They also get detoxification facility or services and healthy surrounding and environments. This kind of groups makes the patients feel like home at the time of treatment.

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