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Why inpatient Couples Rehab is more successful than short term.

This is due to the fact that short-term programs often only offer approximately 30 days of detox, drug replacement therapy and/or group counseling which is usually not enough to thoroughly break the alcohol or drug addiction. Couples drug rehab centers go typically between 60 to 120 days, with some California couples rehab centers being open-ended. Individually tailored to take as long as the couple is needed to become drug-free.

California Couples Rehab Centers that are approximately 90 days in length are recommended for most drug and alcohol addictions. Research has been emerging in recent years showing the correlation between short-term treatment programs and continued drug use. Couples receiving traditional 30-day treatment have a higher rate of repeated relapse and typically are readmitted into rehab several times.

Unfortunately, the couples that have a substance abuse problem do not attend a Couples drug rehab facility. Instead, attempt help through outpatient or short-term care. This is largely due to convenience and the assumption that a drug rehab center would cost substantially more than short-term programs – which is not necessarily true. There are a number of non-profit rehabs that accept couples that have amazing success rates which cost approximately the same or the same as a privately run 30-day treatment center.

Many who eventually seek help through a recovery solution do so only after previously attempting short-term rehab more than once. Only after repeated failures, do they look into a long-term solution and quickly realize that was a vital component which was missing to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction.

Depending on the type and severity of the addiction, the amount of force that is exerted on an addict to continue using is immense. The method of treatment and length of time needs to be in correct balance to successfully break the grasp that the drug has on the addict. Otherwise, the rollercoaster of drug dependency will never stop. California’s Couples Rehab Centers offering biophysical detox and non-12 step treatment apply the proper procedures and the correct amount of time needed to get the individual through the process of gaining their life back – without the fear of relapse.

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