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Inpatient Drug Rehab in California

Drug Detox Center California

There is ample research demonstrating that residential or inpatient drug rehab treatment provides a substantially higher rate of recovery without relapse than outpatient treatment or detox only programs. California inpatient rehab facilities offer individuals beautiful surroundings with a comfortable and relaxed setting. Allowing complete focus on the treatment program and personal recovery – rather than being distracted with day to day life situations.


Depending on the severity of the addiction, it is essential to remove the individual from their usual surroundings while receiving treatment. This is a common factor why the relapse rate is so high for individuals attempting drug and alcohol treatment. Addicts always start off with the best intentions with complete dedication. But be it social circles, the environment, or life problems – they often become too high for the person to control and relapse mid trying to get clean. The grip drugs and alcohol can have on a person is immense. Moving the individual to completely to new surroundings with a controlled atmosphere while rehabilitation occurs, gives the individual a distraction-free environment for them to focus on nothing but themselves. Once treatment has been fully completed, armed with tools learned in rehab and a new stable outlook, they will be able to go back to their original environment without fear of relapse.


Just like all facets of drug and alcohol rehab, there are drastic differences between California inpatient rehab centers and the rehabilitation programs offered within each. It is essential to evaluate their success rate, cost, short-term or long-term treatment programs, a method of treatment, and availability. Make sure to thoroughly explore and understand all of these issues before checking into an inpatient rehab program. You do not want to waste valuable time and money blindly choosing a CA drug rehab facility and later realize that the desired result was not obtained.


Thousands of people per year do not seek treatment, or unsuccessfully attempt an outpatient drug rehab program simply because they thought they couldn’t afford a California inpatient or residential rehab center. Either because of the cost of treatment and/or time away from work they try “easier” methods and the vast majority fail horribly and go right back to using drugs and alcohol. What is often overlooked is one cannot afford to ignore the necessary actions needed to break the grip from addiction; and what it truly takes to get one’s life back on track.


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